Legal Writing Tutor

Ronda Fox, J.D./Ph.D.


Legal writing challenges even the most experienced writers entering law school. A J.D./Ph.D. (English)

and veteran Clinical Professor of Legal Writing and Advocacy at the University of Southern California

School of Law and Loyola Law School, I help students master this daunting genre.

Intensive, individualized attention is the best way for students to hone technical and analytical skills

and thus develop confidence as legal writers and future lawyers.

Entirely by email, legal writing assignments can be

    • outlined and organized

    • revised

    • edited and proofread

with extensive comments so that students

not only complete their assignments

but also gain expertise.

The fee is arranged before work begins to

ensure that it fits each student’s budget.


Telephone: (310) 559-2522

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Students are understood to have consulted school guidelines on obtaining editorial assistance.